Your full name please?
AWEDA Moses Adebayo

How would you define Medical Physics?
The subject on Application of concepts and principles of Physics in the different specialties of Medicine.

Where do you work?
Department of Radiation Biology, Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis, College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

What other positions do you hold?
President, Nigerian Association of Medical Physicists.

Tell us about your educational background?
My first and second University degrees are in Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics.

How did you get to know about Medical Physics?
From a Library in France while searching for PhD. Research topic.

In what way are you involved in medical physics?
Research, Clinical, Academic, Teaching

How long have you been involved in Medical Physics?
For over 20 years.

What is your main area of Specialisation in Medical Physics?
Radiation Oncology

What do you love about Medical Physics/your job?
Service to humanity, especially patients

Are there any challenges you face at your job?
Limitations in terms of infrastructural and technical facilities.

How would you rate the Medical Physics profession in Africa, Do you think significant progress has been made? 1 being the highest point and 5 the lowest?

What do you think should be the major focus of African Medical Physicists or Medical Physics in Africa?
Efforts on self and professional development to catch up with the rest of the globe.

What would you say are the most essential skills needed for anyone interested in becoming a Medical Physicist?
Sound background knowledge in all specialties of Physics.

What advice would you give aspiring Physicists/Medical Physicists?
Embark on qualitative education to become the best possible professional in the field.

If not Medical Physics what else?

Additional Comments
Medical Physicists in Africa should rise up passionately and patriotically to the numerous challenges confronting the educational development and practice of the profession.