“Let us work together to strengthen medical physics practices in Africa”

Your full name please
Samuel Nii Adu Tagoe

How would you define Medical Physics?
It is the science that deals with the application of physics principles to solve health and medical issues.

Where do you work?
Head of Medical Physics, National Centre for Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. I am a member of the FAMPO education committee.

Tell us about your educational background
Master of Philosophy in Medical Physics (UG, Ghana) and Doctor of psychology in Physics (UCC, Ghana).

How did you get to know about Medical Physics?
My last year at the undergraduate level.

In what way are you involved in medical physics?
Research, Clinical, Academics, Teaching, and Industry.

How long have you been involved in Medical Physics?
Almost 20 years

What is your main area of specialisation in Medical Physics?
Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Radiology

What do you love about Medical Physics/your job?
The challenges the job brings and the need for us to do more for the subregion for African Medical Physicists to gain the needed recognition.

Are there any challenges you face at your job?
Lack of recognition.

How would you rate the Medical Physics profession in Africa, Do you think significant progress has been made? (1 being the highest point and 5 the lowest)

What do you think should be the major focus of African Medical Physicists or Medical Physics in Africa?
Training and harmonisation of medical physics practices in Africa

What would you say are the most essential skills needed for anyone interested in becoming a Medical Physicist?
Academic qualification and clinical mentoring.

What advice would you give aspiring Physicists/Medical Physicists?
They should not look at the present predicaments of Physicists to discourage them as Africa needs lots of qualified Medical Physicists to fill up positions which are being created by the expansion of diagnostic and therapy facilities across African countries. I am very hopeful Medical Physicists will receive or will be accorded the needed recognition.

If not Medical Physics what else?
Engineering or biomedical engineering.

Additional Comments
Let us work together to strengthen medical physics practices in Africa.