“Africa has a great future in Medical Physics and it will take Africans to make this dream happen”

How would you define Medical Physics?
Medical Physics is the application of physics concepts, theories, and methods to address medical and healthcare conditions.

Where do you work?
Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Are there other positions you hold if any?
Head, Department of Medical Physics, School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, University of Ghana

Tell us about your educational background
University of Ghana (PhD Medical Physics), 2015; University of Ghana (M.Phil Medical Physics), 2006; Kwame Nkrumah Univ. of Science and Technology (BSc Physics), 2003.

How did you get to know about Medical Physics?
I was introduced to Medical Physics in the final year of my undergraduate university education. I had the option to select an optional course and my choice of Medical Physics has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have had to make in life.

In what way are you involved in medical physics?
Research, Academic and Teaching.

How long have you been involved in Medical Physics?
Over 10 years

What is your main area of specialisation in Medical Physics?
Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

What do you love about Medical Physics/your job?
As researcher, I love it when the contributions of my research outcomes result in improving the health needs of patients. As an academician, I delight in contributing to the development of the next generation medical physicists.

What did you love the most while serving in FAMPO?
In the capacity as Secretary General of FAMPO, I was privileged to be the face of the Federation in dealings with the membership as well as with other organizations and institutions. I love the fact the Federation was able to improve tremendously communication among medical physicists within the African region. Also, recognition of Medical Physics within the region has seen much improvement.

Are there challenges you faced as a FAMPO EXCO?
Yes, legislative recognition in most of the African countries is still a distant goal.

How would you rate the Medical Physics profession in Africa, Do you think significant progress has been made? (1 being the highest point and 5 the lowest)

What do you think should be the major focus of African Medical Physicists or Medical Physics in Africa?
Major focus should be legislative recognition of Medical Physics in all African countries and certification of Medical Physicists.

What would you say are the most essential skills needed for anyone interested in becoming a Medical Physicist?
Enthusiasm, critical thinking, discipline and commitment.

What advice would you give aspiring Physicists/Medical Physicists?
Aspiring Physicists/Medical Physicists must remain focused and work extra hard to be able to realize their dreams.

If not Medical Physics what else?
If not Medical Physics, it will still be Medical Physics.

Additional comments Africa has a great future in Medical Physics and it will take Africans to make this dream happen. The profession needs the support of all key stakeholders and the entire membership of FAMPO. Let all hands be on deck!